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I received my first camera, a Kodak Brownie 127, many years ago.  The only photo I have kept from that era, is a picture of my cat, Pirandello!

Thereafter I owned a series of point-and shoot cameras until around 1990. After a holiday with some friends who were hobby photographers, I began to learn from them about viewpoints and photo composition.

Returning from holiday I purchased a Canon EOS 1000 35mm SLR and enrolled for some courses at the local evening school.  Besides being taught about composition and technique, I also learnt how to develop black and white film and print pictures in a dark room.
For some years, I had my own darkroom at home.

When digital photography started to replace analogue photography I had another pause until around 2015.  Then I restarted my hobby, first with Pentax 35 mm K5 and K-S2 camera's and around 2018 exchanged them for a Fuji XT2 system camera. I have now an XT3 and love my Fuji camera's.

The choice for both Pentax and Fuji was weather proofing. I take most of my photo's while making (long) trips in a canoe.

Valerie Welch

This page updated: 03-02-2022